“ Inovative beauty with a personal touch“


Living in the city means that no matter how hard we try, stress is never far behind us. My dream has always been to create a space where clients could leave their hectic lives behind them. I have dedicated my professional life and personal passion to developing a beauty space which best delivers desired results in a sensory, relaxing way.

SÍDOR BEAUTY is the manifestation of my belief in balancing technological and beauty innovation with holistic practice. I believe that beauty should be individually tailored, deeply personal and held in a wider understanding of how we live our lives.
brings together professionals skilled in advanced treatments and new technology alongside natural and time-tested beauty practices.
The goals of the salon and of my professional mission are to achieve balance between the realities of delivering evidence-led advancements in a way that works with natural processes and knowledge.

SíDOR BEAUTY Is a local Beauty Salon, offering bespoke treatments tailored to our individual clients needs. Our team of warm professionals deliver their skills in a way that maintains the personal connection alongside a precise eye for detail. Our ethos is to focus on the transformative power of beauty in order to bring out the most from each client. We consider beauty as a series of personal journeys rather then isolated treatments and we always aim to see the bigger picture. We use the highest quality products and are constantly searching for new advancements.

SÍDOR BEAUTY provides treatments across all age groups, focusing on personalised procedures which combine traditional aesthetic practices alongside an innovative and holistic approach, making sure that our team are always learning and developing their professional qualifications .