General acknowledgement
1. These Terms and Conditions determine the general rules of using the services fromSÍDOR BEAUTY beauty salon.
2. Participating a treatment in the Salon is equivalent to accepting all Terms and Conditions.

§2 Clients
The Salon will accept youngsters of at least 14 years of age with a written consent from their parent/carer. Salon’s therapists
can ask for any written consent from the parent/carer and have the right to contact that person to confirm their acceptance of the treatment and with their denial Therapists have the right to refuse to carry out the treatment.

Beauty treatments
1.2. Every client is informed of any contraindications, post treatment possible side effects and aftercare procedures required. Continuing to the treatment, clients are accepting and giving their consent to carry out the treatment. In case of refusal to fill out or sign the consultation card, therapist may refuse to proceed with a treatment.
3. Clients are obliged to inform a therapist of any health issues or any contraindications that may have a result in a treatment outcome, especially of any: heart conditions, pace maker, cancer, infections, pregnancy and breast feeding, prosthetics or implants, seizures, blood thinning medicines.
4.. Salon does not take any responsibility for lost or stolen belongings.
6. Clients are obliged to tell a therapist straight away if not feeling well during the treatment.
7. A therapist has the right to refuse the treatment or ask for a doctor’s consent if not sure about safety of the treatment.

1. Clients are obliged to make payments for their treatments. Price list is available to view in the salon and /or on the salons website.
2.Salon has the right to offer promotions and discounts for their treatments that will have specific time duration. Different payment rules may be applied for the promotional offers. When using promotional offer, clients have no right to claim back any money or treatments.
3. Salon offers packages of treatments which have to be paid upfront. Packages have their expiry after a year from the purchase date. There are no refunds on the purchased packages. In case if client’s medical condition unable them to use the package, a credit note may be issued for the remaining part of the package.
4.Only one promotion is valid at a time meaning no joined offers with be accepted. Offers do not work together with any packages offered in the salon.

1. All damages of equipment caused by the client or their dependants will be charged in full.
2. Salon is responsible for client’s coats left in the reception if there is a specific place to store them, however salon does not take any responsibility for any valuables left in the pockets, any bags, backpacks and wallets, which client should bring with them to the treatment room.
3. Salon is not taking any responsibility if a client gave false medical history profile, did not inform of any significant contraindications or did not follow salon’s terms and conditions.
4.Salon is not taking any responsibility for client’s dissatisfaction of treatment results, if the treatment was performed according to beauty industry standards and dissatisfaction is only subjective to the client.

1.There may be a deposit required to secure booking of some treatments. 48 hours cancellation policy is applied to any treatments that require deposits. No show up will result in loosing the deposit.
3. Salon has 24 hour cancellation policy. Not appearing at the treatment without notice may result in the Salon not taking bookings for that client in future and adding 50% of the treatment price to their next treatments.
4. Client should arrive 5 min prior to the treatment. If a client is more that 15 minutes late Salon has the right to refuse the treatment charging 50% of treatment price. However a treatment can be carried out for clients demand, but will be shortened and full price will be charged.
5. If a client arrives late a part of the treatments will be cut out making the treatment shorter. However this treatment will be charged full price.
6. If salon is running late with previous treatments, a full treatment time will be applied for the next clients.
7. Salon has the right to cancel any treatments 24 hours before only due to an emergency appointment can be cancelled with short notice A new appointments will then be scheduled.

1.Clients have the right to complaint for their treatments within 7 days from the date of the treatment or from the date of side effects appearing. Complaints will be accepted with a valid receipt of the treatment or any proof of the treatment being carried in the salon
2.Client have a right to complain about chipped nails within 24hours
and repair will be carry out free of charge.

§ 8 Other General Rules
1. Salon has the right to change Terms and Conditions without notifying clients. New regulations are binding from the moment
of publication in the salon. Old regulations will be applied to all reservations made before that publication.
This Terms and Conditions are applied from 25th December 2019
5. Please note that children are not allowed in the treatment room during treatment procedures. They should be supervised by an adult and wait in the waiting area not disturbing other clients