The PHformula A.G.E. Solutions were specifically formulated as advanced anti-ageing skin resurfacing treatments to help correct typical signs of ageing. Active and effective skin resurfacing solution for the treatment of typical signs of ageing like photo-ageing, pigment changes, dull swallow appearance, superficial and medium expression lines.


  • Photo Ageing
  • Pigment Changes
  • Lentigines
  • Telangiectasia
  • Dull sallow appearance
  • Keratosis
  • Unhealthy stratum corneum
  • Fine lines and wrinkles


A unique combination of active ingredients to address different skin disorders, working synergistically to assist in speeding-up skin, recoverys, maintaining the overall health of the skin, and helping to prevent future damage
  • Patients should use the PHformula E.X.F.O. Cleanse for soothing post treatment cleansing and exfoliation.
  • patients should use the prescribed pHformula active prescriptions as daily skin care solution which treat specific skin disorders and enhance and maintain healthy skin.
  • The use of the pHformula U.V. protect SPF 30+ or U.V. protect 50+ are essential to protect the skin from UV radiation.
Avoid Prolonged sun exposure, even when using a sunscreen product, especially in the 10 days prior the treatment.